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Hypericum Mysorense – A Wonder Herb



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Important information :-

  • 300 gms is 1 month Dosage
  • 600 gms is 2 months Dosage
  • 1500 gms is 5 months Dosage

Please note that with the package that you purchase, you are given giloy extract tablets for the same time duration so that you can use it in conjugation with Hypericum Mysorense. So,for example.  if you buy 300gms package, you get 1 month free giloy extract tablets.  

Hypericum Mysorense is a medicinal plant of the Hypericum sub-family with great benefits for health. It is a great herbal medicine for herpes and has shown in many researches that it has the potential to cure herpes and stop herpes infections.  It has been used since ages by local people as a wound healing medicine. Modern researches have shown that it has strong medicinal properties like antiviral, cytotoxic, anticancerous and many other qualities that are extremely important for mankind. It is a flowering plant that is mainly found in certain sections of Nillgiri hills at high altitudes. It is being regarded as the wonder herb that can cure many severe and chronic diseases like herpes, hepatitis and cancer. We provide high quality original hypericum mysorense that are taken from the wild and then cleaned and purified before being given to people. It is important that it is properly cleaned and also the herbs lose their efficacy once then get older than 6 months so we ensure that we provide fresh herbs. If you think it has the qualities to improve your health then you must try it out. Also we are proving Giloy extract tablets free of cost with it. Giloy is another beneficial herb and along with Hypericum Mysorense it works great for the overall benefit of your health and also destroys many diseases like herpes, hepatitis and liver.

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300 gm, 600gm, 1500gm

29 thoughts

  1. Hello!
    Thank you for this information. If I purchase the 5 month supply at the discounted price, will the herbs lose their freshness and potency towards the end of the treatment?

    1. Don’t worry. The herbs have 6 months period of high potency. So you can use it within six months of receiving it.

  2. I heard about this herb, but never tried to use it. But then I decided to try this for my liver infection. I’ve tried so many medicines and natural remedies, but they didn’t work. Now I’m trying this after checking lots of reviews online. I found that this is the only place where I’m getting this herb at affordable price. I have ordered it and received it on time. Hope so it’ll work for me.

  3. hi,

    Where is this Hypericum mysorense coming from? Are you a farmer yourself?

    Can it be frozen to prolong it’s potency life? Instead of boiling, what if i would grind it into powder and eat the whole thing?


  4. I get the best out of it to treat HSV affliction. I have been using this miraculous herb for a long time. I get to know that it can fairly prevent herpes outbreaks and heal the infection rapidly. Its all my experience with Hypericum Mysorense.

  5. After scrutinizing the Hypericum Mysorense herb, I came to know that it can surprisingly curb the virus and its future outburst. I am a user of this herb, Using it for 6 months. Frankly speaking, no other herb worked on me to treat this infection. Hypericum Mysorense is the only herb that has worked for me. Looking forward to have more effects on me.

      1. Yes, After using it for 6 months I decided to get tested, and guess what, The result were Negative. My trust towards nature has deepen.

  6. I received many suggestions from my surroundings to use this this and this for my herpes sufferings. Seriously speaking, no suggestions worked for me, consequently, I was at once suicidal. Fortunately, my spouse somehow came to know about this treatment method and advised me to get this herb. I purchased this herb and my health issue now getting resolved day by day.

  7. This herb possesses potent antiviral constituents. I know this because I myself researched this herb extensively. Two months back, I decided to implement this herb in my life to test the efficacy. I ordered this product from this site and got the Hypericum Mysorense. I had Herpes accompanied by severe genital ulcers that usually left me with intense afflictions. But from the time I started using this herb, I felt the viability of this herb.

  8. I did not find any herb that has more efficacy than Hypericum Mysorense in killing the herpes virus. Plus, they are providing a potent immune stimulant agent Giloy.

  9. My experience with Hypericum Mysorense is unforgettable as I have been now cured with the infection. I used it for 6 months and two days earlier tested negative for HSV. I will definitely recommend this herb to the general public. I loved your treatment program. It really has potency.

  10. I used it for two months. Now I want to again order this but this time I am facing the problem with the payment. Can you please help me with this?

    This herb is benefitting me and I don’t want to discontinue this treatment program. Please revert me with the solution.

  11. I have successfully managed genital herpes with this plant. It was quite difficult for me to see it as a potential healing agent as it was not showing any positive for nearly a half month. But still, I continued using it and shown faith and guess what it has rewarded me. People usually say right, Ayurveda may surely take time to show the effect but it will cure the root.

  12. Thank you for the extra freebie in the form of Giloy. I would like to know how long do I need to take this supplement in the herpes eradication process. Also, can you tell me the right diet while following your treatment?

    1. Hi There,

      You can opt for this herb to improve the immune system. We recommend you to incorporate some other herbs like Giloy, Mulethi, Holy Basil, and Neem powder. Switching to a healthy diet is also necessary.

  13. Ik had nooit gedacht dat ik van deze infectie zou worden genezen, maar mijn fortuin is gezegend met deze Herpes-behandeling. Een enorme dank aan deze kruidenremedie.

  14. I am facing a problem regarding the payment …..It shows error all the time when I attempt to make the payment…

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