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Important information :-

  • 300 gms is 1 month Dosage
  • 600 gms is 2 months Dosage
  • 1500 gms is 5 months Dosage

Please note that with the package that you purchase, you are given giloy extract tablets for the same time duration so that you can use it in conjugation with Hypericum Mysorense. So,for example.  if you buy 300gms package, you get 1 month free giloy extract tablets.  

Hypericum Mysorense is a medicinal plant of the Hypericum sub-family with great benefits for health. It is a great herbal medicine for herpes and has shown in many researches that it has the potential to cure herpes and stop herpes infections.  It has been used since ages by local people as a wound healing medicine. Modern researches have shown that it has strong medicinal properties like antiviral, cytotoxic, anticancerous and many other qualities that are extremely important for mankind. It is a flowering plant that is mainly found in certain sections of Nillgiri hills at high altitudes. It is being regarded as the wonder herb that can cure many severe and chronic diseases like herpes, hepatitis and cancer. We provide high quality original hypericum mysorense that are taken from the wild and then cleaned and purified before being given to people. It is important that it is properly cleaned and also the herbs lose their efficacy once then get older than 6 months so we ensure that we provide fresh herbs. If you think it has the qualities to improve your health then you must try it out. Also we are proving Giloy extract tablets free of cost with it. Giloy is another beneficial herb and along with Hypericum Mysorense it works great for the overall benefit of your health and also destroys many diseases like herpes, hepatitis and liver.

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300 gm, 600gm, 1500gm

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  1. Hello!
    Thank you for this information. If I purchase the 5 month supply at the discounted price, will the herbs lose their freshness and potency towards the end of the treatment?

    1. Don’t worry. The herbs have 6 months period of high potency. So you can use it within six months of receiving it.

  2. I heard about this herb, but never tried to use it. But then I decided to try this for my liver infection. I’ve tried so many medicines and natural remedies, but they didn’t work. Now I’m trying this after checking lots of reviews online. I found that this is the only place where I’m getting this herb at affordable price. I have ordered it and received it on time. Hope so it’ll work for me.

  3. hi,

    Where is this Hypericum mysorense coming from? Are you a farmer yourself?

    Can it be frozen to prolong it’s potency life? Instead of boiling, what if i would grind it into powder and eat the whole thing?


  4. I get the best out of it to treat HSV affliction. I have been using this miraculous herb for a long time. I get to know that it can fairly prevent herpes outbreaks and heal the infection rapidly. Its all my experience with Hypericum Mysorense.

  5. After scrutinizing the Hypericum Mysorense herb, I came to know that it can surprisingly curb the virus and its future outburst. I am a user of this herb, Using it for 6 months. Frankly speaking, no other herb worked on me to treat this infection. Hypericum Mysorense is the only herb that has worked for me. Looking forward to have more effects on me.

      1. Yes, After using it for 6 months I decided to get tested, and guess what, The result were Negative. My trust towards nature has deepen.

  6. I received many suggestions from my surroundings to use this this and this for my herpes sufferings. Seriously speaking, no suggestions worked for me, consequently, I was at once suicidal. Fortunately, my spouse somehow came to know about this treatment method and advised me to get this herb. I purchased this herb and my health issue now getting resolved day by day.

  7. This herb possesses potent antiviral constituents. I know this because I myself researched this herb extensively. Two months back, I decided to implement this herb in my life to test the efficacy. I ordered this product from this site and got the Hypericum Mysorense. I had Herpes accompanied by severe genital ulcers that usually left me with intense afflictions. But from the time I started using this herb, I felt the viability of this herb.

  8. I did not find any herb that has more efficacy than Hypericum Mysorense in killing the herpes virus. Plus, they are providing a potent immune stimulant agent Giloy.

  9. My experience with Hypericum Mysorense is unforgettable as I have been now cured with the infection. I used it for 6 months and two days earlier tested negative for HSV. I will definitely recommend this herb to the general public. I loved your treatment program. It really has potency.

  10. I used it for two months. Now I want to again order this but this time I am facing the problem with the payment. Can you please help me with this?

    This herb is benefitting me and I don’t want to discontinue this treatment program. Please revert me with the solution.

  11. I have successfully managed genital herpes with this plant. It was quite difficult for me to see it as a potential healing agent as it was not showing any positive for nearly a half month. But still, I continued using it and shown faith and guess what it has rewarded me. People usually say right, Ayurveda may surely take time to show the effect but it will cure the root.

  12. Thank you for the extra freebie in the form of Giloy. I would like to know how long do I need to take this supplement in the herpes eradication process. Also, can you tell me the right diet while following your treatment?

    1. Hi There,

      You can opt for this herb to improve the immune system. We recommend you to incorporate some other herbs like Giloy, Mulethi, Holy Basil, and Neem powder. Switching to a healthy diet is also necessary.

  13. Ik had nooit gedacht dat ik van deze infectie zou worden genezen, maar mijn fortuin is gezegend met deze Herpes-behandeling. Een enorme dank aan deze kruidenremedie.

  14. I am facing a problem regarding the payment …..It shows error all the time when I attempt to make the payment…

  15. I just Purchsed this herb so can you tell you much time this will take to arrive to my home? Also, do I get tablet or Raw or In powdered form? Please tell answer my question…Or you can mail me to the mail that I used to purchsed the product… It will be in the form of Heaven******@gmail.com

    thank you

  16. I want this herb in my Herpes Treatment Regimen. Just wanted to know do I need additional herbs or this is just perfect alone?

    1. It would be a better idea if you take some additional supplements to help Hypericum Mysorense work Better though, it can alone do work wonderfully.

      1. Appreciate your reply:)
        If you are able to tell me what supplements do I need with this Herb, It would be highly appreciated.

  17. Hello,

    I’m a resident of Florida…can I know how long does it take the shipment to arrive at my location? also tell me whether you charge shipment expenditure.

    1. No we don’t charge any shipment charges from our customer but in few cases we might ask you to pay delivery charge normaly if you are situated at remote area. Though, thats really rare. 5 to 7 days waiting period is enough but again in some cases it might be dalayed due to corona Pendemic.

  18. I used it and fascinated to see this powerful herb’s potential. It’s probably one of the potent herb available on the planet with the efficacy to eradicate the herpes virus from its root.

  19. I am using this herb for 2 and a half months and expected to continue it for another 2 months as I asked to do. I am receiving good remission by using this herb.

  20. looking to buy this product for my friend who is dealing with constant breakouts. The doctor has recommended it for the better management of HSV breakouts.

  21. What if I continuously use this herbal supplement for 5 months, do am I vulnerable to get any contraindication? Or i can safely consume this herbal preparation for that long time?

  22. This Herb really makes changes in severe herpes sufferings and I experienced it when I took the 3 months course of this treatment program. Highly effective…

  23. it has potently suppressed all herpes sufferings and provided me the relief that I wanted. They have told me that 4 months of continuous use must be followed by me. Thank you for this wonderful Herb…

  24. Hypericum Mysorense est l’un des meilleurs suppléments que j’ai utilisés pour soulager l’infection herpétique et les complications associées. Merci de me l’avoir livré sous 4 jours.

  25. Excellent product… I am taking Hypericum for quite a long time (and in general – if I need medication- I take herbs; I have an education and degree in herbal medicine). I can compare and tell – this brand provides very good quality. Even such small details and signs like the smell of the herb itself, if you’re familiar, will immediately show the difference. It’s hard for me to evaluate the difference in efficacy- cause my symptoms to fluctuate from the level of stress, work schedule/long hours, food choices “mistakes”, etc. All I can say – this product works very well and I will stick with it for Herpes, management. If you’re considering buying- I highly recommend it.

  26. Hello,
    I am interested in ordering from this website, can people order internationally?
    I would like to receive a demonstrative piece first before I buy with you guys. I have done many researches about this plant, it’s very hard to find for sale.

  27. unfortunately, I’m suffering from genital herpes and I have lost my all hopes after exhausting nearly all treatment options out there. I have taken antiviral for 4 years but I stopped taking it as they are causing problems. Constipation, stomach pain, and gastritis issues emerged. Now I want to turn over natural therapy. I guess you could help me get out of this problem.

    I’m Terena Cloud, ordered this herb today …pls suggest if I need to do extra efforts. I am committed to doing all of my efforts. I just don’t want this infection flaring up in my life

  28. Soon I shall order this product as my colleague getting the enormous advantage and he secretly told me about this herb.

  29. do I have to take supportive supplements with Hypericum Mysorense? You said that the customer who buys this will get Giloy herbal tablets as well, does it come in high quality because free products often seem vulnerable to impurities.

  30. I have used umpteen treatments to calm down the Herpes virus but they often reactivate. Even antivirals are not helping me anymore. I think it is an indication that I might have to turn to a new leaf and that is a holistic approach. I am getting it within 10 days.

  31. If I get a chance to change one habit from my past I would happily change the way I used to treat my cold sores. All antivirals are useless they just create it to make money. They don’t care about you. The best way you can treat the Herpes virus by using the holistic approach.

  32. I have had the Herpes Labialsi for 4 years… I will get an outburst of cold sores on my face and lip when I’m stressed or during my menstrual cycle. Taking this product every day has diminished my breakouts, they are not severe anymore & totally under control. This product is the truth!

  33. They have got some really good quality of Hypericum Mysorense. The product I received 2 days earlier was shining and looked best in quality. The taste of the decoction made from this herb isn’t pleasing though it is slightly pungent.

  34. Hypericum Mysorense hjälpte mig inte bara att bli av med min existerande herpesinfektion, men det har också förbättrat min sjukdomsbekämpningsförmåga. Under denna Coronavirus-pandemi har mina bekymmer nu minskat.

  35. depression is a prominent factor that exacerbates Herpes flare resulting in pain, sores, and severe discomfort. I have HSV and i don’t hesitate to accept that in society. I too initially kept getting the anxiety and depression but now I have my ways to tackle the situation. I often use raw herbs like Hypericum Mysorense to not let the Herpes virus activate in me. Giloy is helping me improve the internal defense system. I am totally adapted to nature.

  36. I would like to congratulate the creator of this treatment therapy. With the first day of its use, I started feeling positive and energetic. Gradually my mental suffering also started diminishing three weeks later. Thank you for this wonderful piece of treatment.

  37. Hypericum Mysorense is literally a little miracle in stopping a cold sore occurrences and eliminating the Herpes virus. I consume and apply some on the area and the pain and itching will stop almost immediately.

  38. I have suffered my whole life from getting cold sores, sometimes, right before I get really sick. I’ve tried every cold sore remedy on the market and nothing is as Effective as this herbal supplement. It really does cut the healing time.

  39. Many many thanks for delivering this herbal supplement, I got it yesterday and will start this treatment from today. I wanted to know about the diet and don’t dos to increase the efficacy of this supplement. Can you help me out there. You can check my order details….my email is funnyq****p@gmail.com. please revert me as soon as possible.

  40. I studied this herb and I concluded that it can be the best herb that can be utilized to mitigate scourges related to Herpes. It is a natural agent that ensures you not to get further outbreaks. I have used it for 5 continuous months and for and after I completed my course I haven’t got even a single prodrome.

  41. I get cold sores regularly above the side of my upper lip. it is brought on by stress, rapid weather changes, and sickness. before I discovered super Herpoveda, I utilized to barely use Abreva when I developed the cold sore. Herpoveda has been assisting in stopping cold sores. I now take this regularly to not let Outbreak occur anymore.

  42. I ordered it 4 days back and asked them to deliver it ASAP and they have accepted my request. Thanks for a express delivery guys On my request. Loved your service.

  43. Works great if you always get cold sores. I am prone to them when I get stressed out. This is a miracle herb for cold sores!!

  44. I trust this herb is working on me. I have been taking Hypericum Mysorense and Vitamin C for many years, so far so good. Not even a single Herpes Outbreak I faced for two years.

  45. Easy to ingest. I use it to avoid cold sores recommended daily by my Physician. It works. No cold sores for 2 years since I started taking this product.

  46. Amazing product. Had tried a few different things for persistent Herpes-related sores. The pain and size reduced significantly with the use of this Herbal supplement. Be sure to drink a lot of Luke warm water the whole day to better help this medicine work.

  47. I get cold sores often .. started taking this because I saw online that it helps prevent them. Have not had one since taking this. Nice experience with it

  48. Ma femme et moi vivons dans le village oriental d’Atlanta qui, je suppose, serait une région éloignée pour expédier ce produit? Je voulais juste confirmer si vous expédiez cette zone ou comment puis-je obtenir ce supplément à base de plantes?

  49. Halo Huko, Jumapili iliyopita niliiamuru lakini sikupata maelezo yoyote ya usafirishaji? Ningewezaje kuzipata na vipi kuhusu wakati itachukua kufika nyumbani kwangu?

  50. I used Herpes antivirals medicines for long thinking of trying some natural treatment. If anyone who can better suggest me.

  51. Ordered this because I read about the benefits of Lysine on Herpes infection. It did exactly what it has claimed. I will recommend it to every individual who has herpes.

  52. I was very late at ucknowldging the advantages of this herb but since two months I am using this herb against outbreaks caused by Herpes Virus. I did not yet experience any contraindication of this herb. It is treating my suffering to a extent scale that I never experienced that much of huge relief from Herpes Virus. All thanks to this herbal supplement.

  53. If you don’t want to be vulnerable to persistent Herpes breakouts, what you need to do is to pursue treatment based on nature. Not only has it effectual against Herpes but also can improve your way of living life.

  54. I started taking this at the beginning signs of a cold sore last time and still on medication for 8 months. I Haven’t had an actual breakout since. That’s great for me. I am living my normal life.

  55. I purposely waited to give this product a review because I wanted to see if it actually works. I should start by saying that I haven’t had any Cold sores for 6 months ( which is when I first tried this product). I’m in graduate school and going into medical school fearlessly and without feeling guilty. All thanks go to this perfect remedial agent.

  56. I am desperate to try anything out because it’s embarrassing and don’t like them. I already have tried Valtrex and acyclovir but don’t want to try them anymore. I just want to try something that I can take without facing a single adverse effect. Can you this herb help me

  57. I don’t know if it’s a placebo or what but I started to take this when I got a cold sore and it helped me. Though studies claim it kills the Herpes virus. I consume them two times a day …

  58. Loved this botanical herb, seems effective against the oral type of herpes infection. It has been 3 months since I am using this product.

  59. I use Hypericum Mysorense to control itchy skin. I take it every day I am doing fine. I am not getting itchy skin or a tingling sensation. Not Even a cold sore is affecting. Within days of taking this product, I noticed a positive change.

  60. It helps with anxiety and cold sores. It is pretty much effective without becoming prone to any toxicity. It cleanses the liver and entire abdominal area which of course is a plus point of this botanical herb.


  62. Does this herb effectively work against the Zoster associated with Herpes Virus? How much time will it take to reach this package to Arizona?

  63. This herb is extremely bitter in taste. How am I suppose to take this medication without getting the bitter taste out of it?

  64. Hello there, I have a question in my mind before purchasing your product. What is the ideal time to completely be free from the herpes virus through this medication?

  65. I extracted some knowledge about this herb from prominent and reliable sourced and found that this herb can better help to fight against the herpes virus. I purchased this herb yesterday and hoping it works well for me. Thank you

  66. I am a patient of HSV 2 since 2018 and have tried almost all the things in the market to help me cure the disease. When it seemed that I may never be free from this herpes virus, I found this miraculous herb that has again give me hope to be free from Herpes infection. I continuously ingested this herb and it worked pretty well. I am now free from all herpes scourge.

  67. If you closely look at the medicinal properties of this herb you will find that this herb has a strong virucidal effect against the Herpes virus. Various research-based evidence claims it to be detrimental to the herpes virus.

  68. Hypericum Mysorense isn’t pleasing so what I do is adding some honey to it and then drink it. It cuts its unpleasant taste to some extent.

  69. If it possesses strong antivirals, can’t it be used to cure any sort of viral infection? Or it is just effective against the herpes virus?

  70. I am very skeptical about this herb and does it work. Can you explain to me how does this herb works in cold sores?

    1. Hello Oswald, there is nothing to be skeptical about. This herb is scientifically verified against Herpes. It prevents the proliferation of the virus and keeps the herpes virus in check.

  71. It’s been I think about 5 and a half months since I am taking your product. I am literally blessed with your remedy.

  72. I successfully treated my herpes blisters with this herbal plant. I got my order delivered by this site. I only trust them when it comes to buying Hyperucum Mysorense. Love you guys…

  73. For improved protection against Herpes Outbreaks and to be internally strong, I use Hypericum Mysorense along with some other herbs. This has enabled me to prevent Herpes breakouts since I am using this great herb. I am seriously not having any issue pertaining to Herpes outbreaks.

  74. It is pretty good that I receive extra Giloy from your side for free. I never expected that I will get 1 month of Giloy for no extra cost. And yes, I received my package prior to the date I have been expected. Good service

  75. I bought Hypericum Mysorense 3 days back from your site. How can I know when it will be dispatched from your end and how much time will it take for me to get rid of this issue?

  76. I searched the internet to purchase high-quality hypericum mysorense Herb but it’s really hard to find a place from where you can purchase them. Thanks to god, this site provided me what I needed.

  77. i use the decoction of this herbal agent every morning n evening. just want to ask should i take other supplementation with this herb. If yes can you help me finding the best supplementation i can use to expedite the eradication of the virus from my body.

  78. When i bought this product i did not know that it will have a broader impact on my health. My herpes suffering has almost gone. Just waiting for my negative outcome.

  79. This herbal supplement has not only helped me with my Herpes suffering but has also improved my respiratory function. I also had allergic issues and that too effectively prevented.

  80. I observed a miraculous success in my herpes treatment when I tested a significant decrease in Herpes viral count. Though I am not completely free from Herpes but hoping to be get rid of it soon.

  81. Hello mate, I am impressed with this herb and want to use it for my health issues. If I order it today ow long would it take to arrive here in Mississippi? I would buy 500 Gm can you tell me the cost for the mentioned quantity?

  82. How to prepare a tincture of this herb. I received it today but don’t know to use it appropriately. Please guide me, my all information is with you you can email me with details. And please do it hurriedly.

  83. After researching this herb I came to know that this herb is extremely rare and only a few organizations selling it. I bought this from you and after purchasing I got my order information through my email. Thanks

  84. I was desperately searching for this herb but for 5 days google has not shown your result. Finally, I have got you. I have placed my order can you tell me when will I be getting my stuff. My name is Naomi

  85. I have again ordered this product and hope you send me the best quality herb as you sent before. Please send extra quantity as per our conversation. thank you

  86. Thank you got the second time this product. This product is working pretty well. The research is true about this herb.

  87. I have read a lot about Hypericum Mysorense and after all, researches proved it effective against the Herpes virus. I would love to have this herb from YOUR STORE. It might help me get rid of this evil virus.

  88. Would it be safe to use your treatment program for Herpes Zoster Virus? Is it works the same way as it works for oral and Genital Herpes?

  89. I just made the payment for this herbal supplement, when will I get my package. I am from Atlanta. Is there any document that I need to work on to receive this shipment.

  90. I really appreciate it if you add some other anti-herpetic herbs to this website. You know which herbs work best for Herpes, So I don’t think I need to elaborate on you. Thank you very much.

  91. My mom has told me about this herb and when I read about it I mesmerized to see the effects of this herb. My health has improved and the outbreaks are not popping up.

  92. I am continuously having outbreaks of Cold sores and don’t know how to deal with them. I saw your advertisement on youtube then I clicked your site and landed on this page. I want to know how does this works? Does it really cure me of this infection?

  93. I use Hypericum Myaorense to treat and prevent fever blisters. It is an herb that I rely on for quality and value. It works like I have been cured. Apparently no signs of Herpes at all.

  94. Its taste is different. But good for health and good for controlling Herpes Virus and COVID19. At the time of covid19, my family doctor advised me to take it. Really effective.

  95. If I would not have used this herbal elixir I would have never defeated the Herpes virus. With the very single dose of Hypericum Mysorense, I started to see the benefits. Really a very potent herb.

  96. Finding the treatment that actually helps in herpes is pretty hard to discover. After long research, I have been able to find this treatment for my Herpes suffering. it has provided me the immense relief. I would highly recommend to all for sure.

  97. I am always dream of a life where Herpes must not affect life. But, to be true I every month get outbreaks with filthy lesions. I don’t know what should I need to do. Can you help me

  98. I bought the herb from your STORE which immensely helped me get rid of the Herpes induces outbreaks. It is working….

    1. You are allowed to take it as long as 7 to 9 months safely and yes we recommend you Alkaline diet based on the principles of Dr. Sebi.

    1. Yes we do cure Herpes and many of our patients have got quite a positive result with our holistic healing. And you do not require to take any additional supplements because it has everything you need.

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