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Hypericum Mysorense – A Wonder Herb


Hypericum Mysorense – Better Option Than Oregano Oil For Herpes

Hypericum Mysorense for herps

More than sufficient comparison has been done between antiviral drugs and herbs, but have you ever thought about how to choose among herbs? Yes, we know antiviral drugs are very much harmful and we need to move on to herbal solutions, but which herb is best. Simply choosing the popular one may leave you with an alright, but not the best solution. Hence, we will try to find out the better alternative between hypericum Mysorense vs. oregano oil today.

Herpes has become ubiquitous but medicinal science is still struggling to find an effective cure. After trying an infinite number of chemical formulas, a time came when herpes was declared incurable. That broke the hearts of millions of herpes patients living in every corner of the world. It almost ended the hope of a happy life in millions of hearts. However, soon after that, scientists tried using herbs for herpes cure. Surprisingly, what well-researched formulas could not do was being done by herbs. This raised the interest of scientists in the antiviral activity of herbs. Here is how it started and several decades of exploration and hints lead to the rediscovery of a wonderful herb- Hypericum Mysorense. Haven’t heard of it? Guys, you are surely missing out something. Anyways, better late than never. For those who haven’t heard of it yet, and for the herpes patients who anyhow want to get rid of the menace, we will see every aspect related to the use of hypericum Mysorense for herpes cure.

As the era of herbs hit the world, there were thousands of herbs that had a prominent history of medicinal use. Out of all, oregano oil is one such herbal product that is widely being used even today. In fact, many herpes patients use oregano oil to control herpes outbreaks. This too popped out of the box when researchers claimed a dozen of health benefits of using oregano oil. However, with time, many other herbs those were stronger and more effective against herpes simplex virus were tested for effectiveness and safety. But, because the world blindly follows the trend, oregano oil is in the market everywhere. We aren’t criticizing oregano oil in any way, but the truth is that herbs like hypericum Mysorense and equally, or sometimes more effective in treating herpes.

Hypericum Mysorence for herps cure

The medical history of oregano can be traced back to as early as 3000 BC when it was used by the Assyrians. Similarly, hypericum Mysorense has been used to treat wounds as part of the Ayurvedic system of traditional medicine. Both have a promising history of medicinal use and also, convincing research evidence. Then how should we know that hypericum Mysorense for herpes is better or oregano oil? For herpes, we surely need something stronger and safe. There are several other factors on the basis of which, we will compare hypericum Mysorense vs. oregano oil.

Oregano means delight of the mountains. It is given this name because it is found in the mountains and hilly areas. The oil of the herb is a disinfectant and carry antibacterial properties. Oregano oil is also famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from the long history of use as medicine, it has visible research back up too. According to a study conducted back in 2011, Oregano essential oil showed antiviral properties that provide protection against viral infections. The study also clearly specifies that it strengthens your immunity against cold, mumps, measles, pox, and other problems caused by viruses. Usually, people, today take it to boost your immune system.

Oregano oil has been long used to enhance immunity. Herpes patients also started using it for the same. Antiviral drugs, the infection itself and several other factors lead to compromised immunity. Compromised immunity is nothing less than a curse to herpes patients because it allows the virus to activate again and again. This means more frequent herpes outbreaks. So, for this reason, oregano oils gained popularity among herpes patients. However, in reality, hypericum Mysorense possess stronger antiviral action than oregano oil. This is why we are here to pick out the better one among hypericum Mysorense vs. oregano oil.

Hypericum is a genus famous for its antiviral and antifungal properties, and hypericum Mysorense is probably the strongest the genus has. The list benefits of hypericum Mysorense are full of diseases that are caused by bacterial infection because of the strong antibacterial activities the herb carries. In addition to all this, it also possess strong antiviral activities.  So, in all, it makes it difficult for any microorganism to survive in the human body. This makes hypericum Mysorense for herpes a better candidate solution. However, it cannot be justified completely as there are several studies that show the presence of antiviral properties in oregano oil too. Since there is no study directly comparing the two, we will compare hypericum Mysorense vs. oregano oil with the help of several different scientific studies published.


  • One aspect that makes hypericum Mysorense for herpes better among hypericum Mysorense vs. oregano oil is the intensity of antiviral ability. Both contain antiviral action, but the intensity differs. When we talk about any normal infection, all we are bothered about is the presence of antiviral action. However, the case with herpes is different. We need to go on with what is best. Those who have used both indicate that hypericum Mysorense for herpes is better because it stops the herpes simplex virus from replicating soon after the herb enters the human body. However, oregano oil works slightly slower than Hypericum Mysorense for herpes. So, if you need faster action, choose hypericum Mysorense for herpes from hypericum Mysorense vs. oregano oil.
  • Apart from delivering fast and stronger action, hypericum Mysorense for herpes also is a potent holistic cure because it reverses depressive symptoms. Herpes is a difficult situation and not everyone easily copes up with the stress, fear of rejection and breaking relationships with ease. Over and above that, the fact that herpes is incurable makes life of herpes patients hell. If you let all these impact you, stress will take over your mind and you will be inside a cycle of stress calling our herpes outbreaks and outbreaks leaving you even more stressed. This is where Hypericum Mysorense for herpes outperforms oregano oil. It helps in relaxing your mind and keeps stress, depression, and excess of sadness away. With this, the herb is able to kill one of the most common and most difficult to control trigger for herpes outbreaks.
  • Hypericum Mysorense is famous among herpes patients because it can reduce the healing time of herpes outbreaks to one to three days. On the other hand, according to some studies, oregano oil can bring it down to 2 to 4 days. This makes it a clear difference between hypericum Mysorense vs. oregano oil.

With these factors, you can decide what among hypericum Mysorense vs. oregano oil would best suit your needs. Since both are herbs, it won’t be harmful if you choose one and leave the other one. However, these choices can make a great difference in the status of your health and future. Because it is herpes, every single decision you make can influence your future health. Gradually, the world is uniting against antiviral drugs. acyclovir and all its variants are loaded with inevitable side effects. The only way to avoid ill effects is to avoid drugs. Initially, only a few herpes patients agreed with this. But, today everyone is aware of the consequences of taking antiviral drugs frequently.

This has lead to a shift towards herbs. But making a choice among herbs is quite difficult. All of them are safe and beneficial for your long term health. However, sometimes choosing the best one can heal you faster and better. Hypericum Mysorense for herpes is one such alternative. A herbal product containing hypericum Mysorense for herpes and a dozen of other such powerful herbs is also in trend these days. Herpoveda is a mixture of more than just a few herbs and all are equivalent to hypericum Mysorense. So, in case you want a magnified impact, faster and holistic healing, you can try out that too. Again, because it is herpes, make choice carefully. Choosing one herb would not harm you, but you may lose a chance to live a herpes free life by not goi g for potent products like Herpoveda.

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