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Hypericum Family- Herbs Of Hypericum Family And Their Benefits

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Hypericum perforatum is gaining popularity in the United States for its unmatchable natural antidepressant abilities. The same hypericum medicinal herbs were among the top ten best-selling herbal dietary supplements sold in the United States in 2008.  But, is this all hypericum perforatum can do. More famous by the name St John’s wort, this herbs is actually a storehouse of medicinal properties. But, sometimes, we just follow the bandwagon and loose exactly what our body needs. Can’ get what I am saying? See, we all know by now that St John’s wort is a health medicinal herb. But, its roots are in the Hypericum family and there are many other herbs belonging to this family.

In recent years, the antidepressant activity of St. John’s wort, has caused widespread interest in the study of the Hypericum genus. Compounds isolated from this genus have shown antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and anticancer properties in several researches. The genus Hypericum contains approximately 500 species which are roughly divided into 36 sections. Out of these 500 species, many are just ornamental plants. However, many others give tough competition to Hypericum perforatum or St John’s wort in terms of medicinal properties. Yes, there are hypericum medicinal herbs that can give you several other benefits. By going behind what the world believes is beneficial for them, you might be losing what you need. Therefore, today we will see the hypericum medicinal benefits of the entire genus rather than focusing on St. John’s wort. Of course, since it also belongs to the family, you will find some details about the medicinal action of this herb too.

According to the surveys conducted all across the globe, it is concluded that Hypericum species can be found all over the world in temperate to tropical areas. Almost all species of Hypericum are either perennial herbs, shrubs, or small trees, but the genus also contains a small number of subshrubs and annual herbs. The genus is most populous in China and Eastern Asia. Some herbs of hypericum family are also found in Central Europe, Turkey, and the Middle East. However, this distribution is not a limiting factor for the herb because the entire world is gradually recognizing its healing capabilities. So, we can say that herbs of Hypericum family are found in its native range distributed throughout Eurasia, but has been introduced to all other continents. This is making it easily available in one form of the other in almost every country. So, in case you also find this herb beneficial for you in any form, you can easily get it online or offline. So, let us start with the herb that is most popular in the United States and we will continue to discuss some other hypericum medicinal herbs.

Hypericum perforatum or St. John’s Wort: Famous by common name St. John’s wort, H. perforatum is the most potent out all the Hypericum medicinal herbs. Because of its popularity in many countries, it is the only species cultivated commercially for herbalism and medicine. Although it is very popular today in different countries of the world especially as an antidepressant, among the hypericum medicinal herbs, Hypericum perforatum is a potential plant for curing many chronic and life-threatening diseases like cancer, tumour, AIDS, etc. let us quickly see all the medicinal benefits of Hypericum perforatum or St. John’s Wort.

  • Hypericum perforatum is a herb that was traditionally used to stop bleeding. Even scientists are now agreeing that it can repair your skin faster by stop bleeding.
  • Due to the antipyretic properties present in the herb, it is commonly used to lower down high fever naturally.
  • Hypericum perforatum is also astringent in nature and considering this, it can save your skin from many types of infections.
  • Several Urinary system related problems are also treated using Hypericum perforatum of St. John’s Wort.
  • Sores, Ulcers, Burns, and Wounds all can be healed faster with the use of Hypericum perforatum.
  • Intestinal worms are one of the most challenging problems that leave an everlasting impact on human health, and this too can be addressed with the use of this hypericum medicinal benefits.
  • Some complicated conditions like Rheumatism that are still required to be solved in allopathy can be addressed with the right use of hypericum medicinal herbs.

Hypericum mysorense: Apart from Hypericum perforatum, hypericum mysorense is also gaining popularity because of its antiviral and anti-tumor properties. If you think hypericum perforatum is the strongest among the hypericum medicinal herbs, research has something else to tell you. A study compared the antioxidant activities of the methanolic leaf extract from different Hypericum species, such as H. mysorense, H. perforatum, H. japonicum, and H. patulum, were compared. HM with the highest phenol content (24.72 mg/g) showed the highest activity, followed by H. perforatum. So, as we have said in the beginning, it is the problem you are using hypericum medicinal herbs for that will decide which herb would be the best. In addition to antiviral properties, hypericum mysorense can help a lot in cold sores, body ache, fever, headache, and several other problems.

Hypericum cordifolium: Although the hypericum medicinal herbs we will discuss now are not as famous as the two discussed above, this makes them no less capable in treating some particular problems. For instance, as Hypericum perforatum is good for mind related problems, hypericum cordifolium is probably the best for treating fever. This herb possess strong antipyretic properties, probably stronger than all the other hypericum medicinal herbs available.

Hypericum choisanum: This herb also belongs to the family of hypericum and is utilized for its antiviral properties, anti-anxiety abilities, and anti-inflammatory properties. The leaf powder of this herb is reported to bring down high body temperature. These were all the traditionally discovered medicinal uses of hypericum choisanum, but now, researchers from different corners of the world are also proving the same with some experiments with the herb.

Hypericum humifusum: Hypericum medicinal herbs are many, and Hypericum humifusum is a gem when it comes to healing cold sores. Scientists have now claimed that the herb can do magic for ailing eczema patients.

Hypericum japonicum: Some of the hypericum medicinal herbs have just one or two benefits, but, Hypericum perforatum, hypericum mysorense, and hypericum japonicum, these three are effective in a wide range of problems. so, let us quickly see the medicinal benefits of this gem of hypericum family.

  • Hypericum japonicum is a strong natural astringent.
  • Respiratory complications like asthma can be healed magically with the help of hypericum japonicum.
  • Infections like dysentery and acute hepatitis are also on the list of diseases that can be cured with this and some other hypericum medicinal herbs.
  • Appendicitis can also be treated naturally with hypericum japonicum.
  • Skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema that have no cure in allopathy can be easily dealt with the use of this and some other hypericum medicinal herbs.
  • Hypericum japonicum facilitates faster healing of wounds and hence can be useful for diabetic patients.

Hypericum lalandii:  Hypericum perforatum is great in some conditions, but if you are suffering from any type of eye disease, hypericum lalandii is what you need. This herb is great for improving eyesight and can also be used for all sorts of eye problems.

Hypericum family indeed is what humanity needs today. If we combine the hypericum medicinal benefits, we can see a potent replacement to many allopathic drugs in just one family. As it is the era of herbs, and people have once again started looking forward to natural healing for various problems, it is the right time to explore more about this genus. Yes, we already have so many medically proven herbs coming out of the Hypericum family, but there are several other herbs. There are many more to be clinically tested. However, it is going to take a lot of time because the genus is quite large. Till then you can use any of the hypericum medicinal herbs listed above. Since all of them are clinically tested and medically proven, you don’t really have to be worried about the safety.

However, you may not find it easy to get all of these herbs. Hypericum mysorense and hypericum perforatum are easily available because they are popular in all the countries. For the rest of them, you may struggle to order. Although they are found in the Asian countries where an entire healing system is based on herbs, their availability in western countries is doubtful. Anyways, you can always gain all the benefits of the hypericum medicinal herbs as well as several other herbs using Ayurveda. So, if you are really interested in healing your body naturally and holistically, Ayurveda can help you. Although it is an ancient science, scientists today cite it as the best possible alternative to harmful drugs. Many of the above-discussed hypericum medicinal herbs are a part of an ayurvedic medicinal system. So, go ahead and see how you can best utilize the potential of hypericum herbs.

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