Hypericum Mysorense

Hypericum Mysorense – A Wonder Herb

Hypericum Mysorense – The Wonder Herb

Hypericum Mysorense is an exceptional herb that has caught the eye of researchers, botanists and herbalists all over the world in the last few years. It is a herbaceous plant and it is found in western ghats and Nilgiri hills and a height of 900 to 1500 meters. It is a flowering plant and it has a long history of ornamental and medical use among the local population. But it is its the ability to destroy diseases like herpes, hepatitis and other severe diseases that have caught the eye of the medical community all across the globe. Hypericum Mysorense is the only herb right now in the entire world that shown good strong results in researches and experiments as a herpes cure. That is why it is important that people who want to get rid of herpes get an opportunity to try this special herb. There is very low availability of this herb due to the fact that it is found in difficult terrain and it is hard to get it from there and transport it elsewhere. But we, a small group of herbalists and health enthusiasts have taken this task upon ourselves to make sure that this life-saving herb is available to the people.




Many people and herbalists believe that Hypericum Mysorense is a newly discovered medicinal plant. But this is not true. Sir Issac Bayley, the great botanist made reference to hypericum mysorense in his books and remarked that this plant has great anti-pathogenic and anti-toxic property which could be very beneficial to mankind in the future. At that time there were not many resources available to study and work upon the medicinal properties of herbs, due to which he could not do much work and experiment upon it. And after him for a long time, Hypericum Mysorense was not studied or looked upon, but in the start of 21st century, the Hypericum family of herbs generated interest among biologists, botanists, and herbalists due to their usage in traditional medicinal systems.  There was one particular research by P Vijayan from JSS College of Pharmacy, Ooty that really brought Hypericum Mysorense to world’s attention.  What was really remarkable about that research was that the extracts from Hypericum Mysorense showed 100 % inhibition of herpes virus.

There were many other researches conducted after that and all of them concluded that this was a remarkable medicinal plant that not has only anti-herpes and antiviral properties but also strong hepatoprotective qualities and anticancer potential.  There has been lots of demand for this herb now because of it’s strong benefits against herpes, hepatitis, liver cancer and infectious diseases.

Benefits of Hypericum Mysorense Herb:-

Let us see what makes Hypericum Mysorense such a special and exceptional medicinal herb and why exactly it is so much effective and impactful against severe diseases. Foremost, let us see the properties of Hypericum Mysorense that have been found in various researches and studies that make it so effective and beneficial.

These are the major properties of Hypericum Mysorense that have been discovered till now. It is a strong Antiviral and destroys viral infections which explains why it is so good against herpes. Everybody with herpes must try this herb. It is also Cytotoxic and Hepatoprotective, which means it protects the liver from toxins and hepatitis.  Due to these properties, this herb protects the Liver and many organs like kidneys from cancer and infections. Apart from that, it also has antibacterial, spasmolytic and antioxidant properties. Spasmolytic means muscle relaxer. All these properties demonstrate to some extent why Hypericum Mysorense is the herb that the world needs at a time when there is a health crisis.  The entire world is battling with many kinds of severe to deadly diseases. Modern medical science has failed to give the cure to many such diseases. Also, the pharmaceutical drugs and chemical laden pills themselves have been found to be causing many severe diseases. At such a time, as we are slowly realizing, natural and holistic treatment is the best option and herbs like Hypericum Mysorense are helping us to do that.

Now let us see the diseases in which Hypericum Mysorense has been particularly beneficial.


Above mentioned are just a few of the diseases and health ailments where Hypericum Mysorense has shown great results. There are many other health problems where it has proven to be effective. After taking a good look at the benefits that this natural herb provides, there is no doubt everybody would want to try it. But it is hard to find and only has few locations where it has been seen. That is why it is not as easy to get as any other herb like oregano or Tulsi. But we have made sure that people can access this herb now and take its benefits. That is why we regularly go to difficult terrains in search of it and after cleaning it properly we offer it to the general public. It is important to clean it properly because in the wild there are some poisonous herbs also that grow close to it. We make sure that people get safe and best quality Hypericum Mysorense. You can buy Hypericum Mysorense from here and if you have any questions let us know. If you want to know how to use it, you can click here. Also, we have this option in the main menu. Generally, you are supposed to take like 10grams of the herb and make a decoction of it

Medicinal plants and herbs have been used since pre-historic times by humans for fighting diseases and infections. Even today, there are many many health problems and situations where herbs are a better option than pharma drugs and chemically synthesized pills. As more research and study is conducted over these natural herbs, more and more beneficial properties have started to come out. It seems we have just scratched the surface and as these efforts go on soon we will find more and more advantages of using natural and holistic treatment options. They are not only effective but also have no side-effects if used properly. Hypericum Mysorense is one such extremely beneficial herb for mankind. So if you have any health issues where it can be beneficial you should must give it a try.

Apart from Hypericum Mysorense there is another herb that has extremely good benefits for health. Giloy is another herb that has benefits equivalent to Hypericum Mysorense. Giloy has strong anti-herpes benefits. Apart from that, it has numerous health benefits that you can read online. That is why we are offering Giloy extract tablets free of cost with Hypericum Mysorense. They both in combination of each other give good results. So take this opportunity and take the first step towards holistic health.

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